The time I have spent on my mat has been an integral part in my journey of becoming more deeply connected with myself. Through yoga, I have found a more positive and supportive dialogue with my inner being.

Thinking of all the teachers that have flowed with me in my yoga journey, those who have personalized the experience, taking the time to get to know me off the mat have produced the deepest impact. Breaking down each pose, giving multiple entry points and opportunities for expansion, they encouraged my continued development and helped me believe I am exactly where I need to be on and off the mat.

Letting go of obligation and perceptions of what yoga “should be”, and aligning to your highest self is the beautiful side of yoga beyond the pose. I look forward to connecting and flowing with you, becoming a part of your own very unique yoga journey.

I completed my 200 hour training in the Aligned Flow Method at Yoga Dicha studio in Tulum, Mexico. I also completed the Exhale to Inhale Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training program. I teach from an alignment-based and heart-centered practice, adapting our time on the mat together to your specific needs and desires.