Bella led us in such a wonderful soundbath. She embodies so much love & warmth and provides such a beautiful journey through her soundbath. She is so attentive and positive, that you immediately feel at ease with her. Truly special ~
— Sunny

Isabella has led soundbaths that have allowed me to look inwards, and has been a different positive experience every time. The sound of singing bowls, organic instruments, and the surrounding nature creates this really beautiful natural orchestra. The lavender towels, beautiful aesthetic of the setup, and setting sun were all extra perks.
— Paul

This experience rocked my world...Isabella and company create a wave of soothing sounds and mantras that relax the mind and calm the soul as you breath in the aroma of essential oils and feel the breeze and the soft sunlight tickle your skin. Definitely worth it!
— Will

My husband and I wanted to have a date night and thought the sound bath would be a unique experience that could bring us closer, and it was exactly what we needed. Isabella and team led us into an incredible sound bath experience that was so calming, especially with the ocean breeze and lavender essential oils throughout the session.
— Christina